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Here you can learn about my work, activities, education and – incidentally – about the place where I live. According to Italian general opinion we live in the north, or north-east. According to the UNO we are in the south of Europe. According to EU we are in north-eastern Italy and so in southern Europe. Actually, we are at the centre of Europe.

Veneto in Europe (based on google) – The red dot indicates Bassano

Throughout the millennia, since they arrived during the Iron Age, Veneti’s life, trade and politics have been determined by their relations, commerce, wars and deals with North and South, West and East as a consequence of their geographical position. And they developed their roads, cities, landscape and socio-cultural structure according to the communication routes available.

I live in Basan/Bassano del Grappa – within easy driving distance from Padua, Vicenza and Treviso at the end of Val Brenta, the Brenta valley that connects Veneto to central and northern Europe, at halfway between Venice and Trento.

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